Your First Visit

New Patients are always welcome!

We want to take out the anxiety of dental offices both in the waiting area and in the dental chairs. When you first visit our office, you will be warmly welcomed by our staff members who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Zheng and his team will perform a comprehensive oral examination for you to determine the status of your oral health. This examination is composed of:

The information collected during the examination will give Dr. Zheng a full access to the conditions of your teeth to detect problems such as cavities and periodontal diseases and see immediate underlying or related problems. From this examination, he will be able to inform you of the treatments you need and explain the procedures involved. For major and complicated treatments, you will be given a treatment plan as well as the estimation of the cost so there is no surprise.

During the comprehensive oral examination, it is also an opportunity for you to communicate to Dr. Zheng about your expectation for your oral health. Questions are always welcome - You will be informed before we perform. At the end of your visit, we want you to feel fully confident about the care you’re receiving.

During your first visit, you will also need to complete a detailed medical and dental history form. This important information lets us know about your health background and individual needs are. Your personal information will remain strictly confidential in compliance with the Privacy Act of January 1, 2004.

If you are transferring from another dentist, you need only to sign a release form for your records so that we can contact your previous office.

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