New Technology


We're very proud to offer you CEREC 3DTM, the world’s most advanced dental restoration system. CEREC 3DTM (Ceramic REConstruction) allows us to custom fabricate tooth-colored, lifelike porcelain crowns, veneer, inlays, onlays, and fillings right in our office, and all in a single appointment. Previously, these types of tooth restorations required at least two appointments.

CEREC 3DTM uses Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Dr. Zheng will first prepare and shape the tooth. Late, a reflective powder will be applied to the prepared tooth. Dr. Zheng will then take a digital image using a special optical camera, and the tooth’s exact dimensions will be directly recorded into the CAD/CAM computer. No need to take impressions!

After carefully design the restoration, Dr. Zheng will select a strong ceramic material that is matched to your tooth color and translucent like natural enamel and biocompatible. It’s also unaffected by the heat and cold so you can enjoy hot and cold foods without sensitivity. This material will be placed into a milling machine in our office, and in just a few minutes, it will be shaped into a customer-fitted restoration.

Dr. Zheng then try in the new restoration, bond or cement it in place, and polish it to a beautiful luster. Last, Dr. Zheng will check your bite and make any final adjustments.

The advantage of CEREC 3DTM technology is obvious. It is healthier for you because it provides extremely accurate restorations, made with durable materials that work with advanced dental adhesives. Only a minimal amount tooth preparation is required, leaving more of the healthy tooth structure intact. Because your new restorations are made of tooth colored materials, they are naturally beautiful.

Air Purification System

Our office has recently purchased an air purification system called The Surgically Clean Air 301F Air Purifier. This unit will remove harmful toxins, pollutants and airborne microbial contamination.

The The Surgically Clean Air 301F Air Purifier combines six stages of air sterilization and purification. There are four capture stages for particulate matter and two kill stages for volatile organic compounds, bacteria and viral infectious agent.

It is the most effective air sterilization and purification system on the market today. It works in six stages:

  1. The anti-microbial pre-filter captures large dust particles.
  2. The dual-stage electronic cell captures microscopic particles as small as 0.01 microns.
  3. The activated carbon filter absorbs chemicals, gases and odours.
  4. The dual UV-C germicidal lamps destroy the DNA of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungus.
  5. The photocatalytic stage creates hydroxyl radicals to decompose odours, VOC's and bacteria.
  6. The negative ions revitalize and energize the purified air.
The Surgically Clean Air 301F Air Purifier will reduce the spread of airborne illnesses by removing harmful toxins, pollutants and airborne microbial contamination in the office.

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