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The maxilla, often referred to as the upper jawbone, plays a vital role in the anatomy of animals. It is a unique structure formed through the fusion of two individual maxillary bones during development. This fusion results in the formation of the upper jaw, which includes the frontal portion of the palate within the oral cavity. The juncture where these two maxillary bones merge is known as the intermaxillary suture.

It's worth noting that, in a developmental context, the maxilla is considered as two separate bones before fetal development. However, once development is complete, it is regarded as a single bone, forming an integral part of the Viscerocranium—a complex structure of the facial skeleton.

Distinct from the maxilla, the mandible (lower jaw) also forms through the fusion of two mandibular bones at a structure known as the mandibular symphysis. However, in terms of classification, the mandible is typically considered a single bone, unlike the maxilla.

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